Oh Hi!

Welcome to Cloth & Roll the space where I plan to lay bare all my trials and tribulations, when it comes to creative work, in particular sewing. This blog was started as a continuation of my exploration into my own personal style, sewing and construction techniques, and rolling with the mistakes I make along the way.

Confession…I only started sewing for myself about a year ago.

I’ve been sewing professionally for a few years now as a costumer for film, television, and theatre. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to sew for myself, but after a long working week sitting behind a sewing machine (for 50 hours +), fitting, measuring, and altering other people in costumes, I could hardly even move from the couch.

So I had to wait for the right time and learn and listen to when my body was ready, to begin sewing for myself. 

The truth is I was unwilling and afraid to approach making for my non-straight sized body. I had all the skills to create the correct fit, but I was still relying on fast fashion and designers who did more oversized shapes that I could easily buy. I wasn’t carving out a style that was uniquely me, and I’m still learning what that is.

Finding a community of makers that looked like me, seeing their confidence and style gave me the fuel I needed to start experimenting and making.

I want to now continue the conversations and questions that always arise in creative work and explore why we love it. I also did a blog for Fat Sewing Club where I look into how learning to fit and meditate on my body helped my process. Have a read!

So I’ll try to keep this sort of regular as possible, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want to chat about making.

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